Then there's the reality that his communicator is not simply broken but also buried

Then there's the reality that his communicator is not simply broken but also buried

Gulliver has been a part of the Animal Crossing games because the very beginning of the series. He normally pops on beaches and asks for the participant's assistance in getting back to his boat. Then he sends a product like a wonderful piece of Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket furniture for a reward for helping him. In New Horizons, each time he pops up on your island that he lets you know that he ought to have the ability to get hold of his crew using his communicator. Except the communicator's parts have been buried and broken along the shore. This happens each and every time you discover him.

How can this specific same scenario maintain occurring? If it just happened once that could be weird enough, but you will find Gulliver lying face down in the sand a few times and you're going to need to keep digging his communicator. You would assume that since this appears to occur on a daily basis that his boat would have a life preserver useful for if he falls overboard and his crew would spare him. Unless of course, his crew does not wish to rescue him.

We have a feeling that Gulliver's team might not like him very much. In reality, they may even be actively trying to get rid of him. If we go by the conclusion of the Animal Crossing series, Gulliver was a sailor of a kind or another for over 19 decades. That is a decent number of seafaring experience. After conducting his own boat and being outside on the open water for so long, there's simply no explanation for constantly falling off of his ship, unless he's really a awful shipman (which to be honest, is quite possible.)

Then there's the reality that his communicator is not simply broken but also buried. Sometimes the pieces are not even buried on the exact same beach he washed up! Also, how do his team don't have any idea where he is? How can they lose track of their captain so readily? The solution is simple: mutiny. Perhaps he's a terrible captain who is difficult to work for. Maybe they are tired of his outlandish stories. Whatever the reason is, it seems like his shipmates are throwing him to the water.

Gulliver is an exceptionally deep sleeper, as demonstrated by how many attempts it requires the player to nudge him awake when he's found. He also never has any memory of his crew chucking him into the sea. We believe they wait until he's completely passed out, lift his unconscious carcass, and dump him into the ocean.Much to cheap Animal Crossing Bells his crew's chagrin, he keeps coming backagain.